Construction Specifications
Structure Reinforced concrete, steel, brick, steel framed roof.
Floors Poured reinforced concrete with heavy load-bearing capacity.
Walls Pre-engineered metal panels, brick, concrete.
Roof Mostly metal panels with built up asphalt and gravel.
Main Floor 14' ceiling, 11.5' clearance to buss-bars, 15' x 20' and 20' x 24' post spacing, 41,000 sq ft offices, 6 loading docks.
Upper Floor 20' ceiling, 17.5' average clearance, 20' x 48' post spacing, 3,000 sq ft offices, and 4 loading docks.
Loading Docks Total of 10 loading Lower Level- 6 docks. 4 covered docks on south side of building wit levelers and 2-on east side with levelers. docks. Upper Level- 4 docks. 3 on north side and 1 on west side.